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Leasing, hiring or renting

Watch this video from the PPSR, if you're a small business operator who provides financing, hire purchase, or an operating lease.

Leasing, hiring or renting Video Transcript

If you’re in the business of leasing, hiring or renting out any kind of valuable goods, then you’ll understand the importance of protecting yourself in the event that a customer can’t pay.  And the simplest form of protection is to have your terms in writing and register interest in your goods on the Personal Property Securities Register.  Whether it’s financing, hire purchase, or an operating lease, having your contracts backed by a PPSR registration tells the world about your interest.  Which means you won’t lose entitlement to your stuff if a customer goes broke.  If you don’t register, then it doesn’t matter how much money you’re owed - or if your leased, hired or rented goods are still on your customer’s worksite - you risk losing it all if your customer goes broke.