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Protect stock & business

Watch this video from the PPSR, on how to protect your stock and business, by registering through the Personal Property Securities Register.

Protect stock & business Video Transcript

The Personal Property Securities Register - or PPSR - is an online register of security interests in all personal property in Australia.  Things like machinery, motor vehicles, crops, livestock… basically anything valuable that isn’t real estate.  If you’re a business that sells stuff on credit and have your terms in writing, a PPSR
registration protects your ‘retention of title’ in those goods until you’ve got all your money.  In the same way, if you lease goods, your written agreement and a PPSR registration protects you - the lessor - in case your customer - the lessee - goes bust or doesn’t pay.  If you’ve got personal property of value, the PPSR lets you grant your bank a security interest in that property so they’ll be more willing to lend you money. The bank knows that if you go bust, their money is still protected because they have a registered security interest.