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Terms & Conditions of Trade

Terms & Conditions of Trade Overview

When you have been in business for a while you understand that some Clients don’t pay at all, some pay late and some make every excuse to not pay so you end up out of pocket. You are financing their projects with your money without any security.

If you want to get paid and get paid on time then you have to provide correctly written & legally binding documentation to your clients outlining your intent & business relationship.

Why your business needs Terms & Conditions of Trade?

If your business provides goods or services on credit then you need our Terms & Conditions of Trade documents in place backed up by our PPS Registration to ensure you are a secured creditor & not losing your money & assets.

The Terms & Conditions Business Protection Pack is correctly written & legally binding comprehensive documentation system designed to protect your business.

Our Business Protection Pack will give you the best opportunity to be paid in full for your hard work.

We have taken the hard work out of this process for you. Our Business Protection Pack is created by fully qualified legal team & for a low upfront fixed price, so you know how much it will cost you in advance.

As part of the Business Protection Pack, we provide an implementation consultation at your office with clear instructions how to get the most from your Terms & conditions, once implemented this will help you organise your business relationships with your Clients.

The Process of Disclosure, Offer & Acceptance.


 Provide Documents to Your Clients. You must now disclose your Terms and Conditions of Trade to your Clients, both to Existing & New Clients, this is letting them know your Intent;

  • At the outset of the business relationship, insist your Clients complete the Credit Application
  • Upload your Terms & Conditions of Trade to your Website
  • Hyperlink on your emails to your T & C’s now on your website 
  • Display your Terms & Conditions of Trade in a frame located in your office foyer

Offer & Acceptance

Making the Terms & Conditions of Trade Binding

The Terms & Conditions of Trade document is a contract. At the heart of all buy/sell agreements or contracts is that one entity offers something and the other accepts that offer. The Terms & Conditions documentation formalizes the contract giving you the best possible opportunity of being paid in full for the goods or services you supply.

For your Terms and Conditions of Trade to be binding your client must accept them in writing.

We suggest the following wording to accompany your Terms & Conditions of Trade & Credit Application when notifying your clients of your new process;

“We have had Australian Business Contracts review & update our Credit policies, Terms & Conditions of Trade & documentation as attached to comply with new Federal legislation. These updated terms & conditions of Trade will assist us to continue to share a good business relationship by clarifying how we do business.

Please note that these updated terms will apply from now and by placing your next order with us you will be taken to have accepted these terms.

Please read, complete, sign and return a copy of the completed Forms. Should you have any queries, please contact us within 7 days.”

Keep a record of your clients whom you have sent this to and the date so you can prove disclosure. Insist that the signed and completed forms are returned to show that your client has agreed to and accepted your Terms & Conditions of Trade.

Business Protection Pack inclusions

Each Business Protection Pack is described in a way that is easy to understand & implement.

The Business Protection Packs focus on the supply of goods or the supply of services by your business and the obligation for payment and the method of payment by your customer.

  • Comprehensive, enforceable Terms & Conditions of Trade tailored to your particular industry & needs.
  • Setup of your account on the PPSR
  • The first 5 registrations on the PPSR
  • Providing clear and concise documentation and forms taking your business through each step of your dealings with your Clients from credit application, to work completion & payment. Allowing you more time to work on your business rather than in your business chasing bad debts.
  • Peace of mind that you have correctly written & legally binding contracts in place to ensure that your relationship with your clients won’t be damaged by misunderstandings.

Using your Business Protection Pack will ensure your Clients understand their legal requirement to pay for your goods and/or services they are purchasing from you.