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Website & Domain Hosting

Remember we recommended you Disclose your Terms & conditions of Trade, this is one of the places you do it – on your own professional company website. Let the world know who you are & that you are proud of your corporate identity.

Your domain is an extension of your business & you can have your business name in your email account instead of a gmail account.

Take the hassle out of websites. We design, develop, host, and more. Most importantly unlike many other website providers, we ensure that your domain and hosting stay under your control.

Whether you require a simple webpage for a single product or service, something more involved to cover a range of products or service, or even an e-commerce solution, we have you covered.

We have packages available for graphic design, SEO, Social Media Management, Copywriting services, and more.

A company website is as crucial as having a shop, office or telephone number. Research has found that 60% of Clients expect brands to have content online about their business.

Here are the 10 reasons that will leave you wondering why you haven’t created an online presence sooner.

#1 Online Presence 24/7

 Having a website means Clients are always able to find you – anytime, anywhere. Even outside of business hours, your website continues to find and secure new Clients. It offers the user convenience as they can access the information they need in the comfort of their own home, with no added pressure to buy. Most companies have their own website, so you could be losing Clients to your competitors by staying offline. It’s a no brainer.

 #2 Credibility

You Clients have an expectation for any reputable company to have an online presence. Potential Clients would likely be distrusting of any business that didn’t have a telephone number or a physical address. The same can be said for not having a website and email address, these are useful tools to share crucial information about your business with Clients and answer all of their questions. What’s more, having a good quality, easy-to-use website makes Clients feel comfortable using your services, as they will assume they can expect the same positive experience in all areas of your business.

 #3 Information Exchange

 At its simplest, a website provides a quick and easy way of communicating information between buyers and sellers. You can list all of your details, including your opening hours, contact information, show images of your location or products, and use contact forms to facilitate enquiries from potential Clients or feedback from existing ones. You can even upload promotional videos to really engage your Clients & sell your business in an effective and cost efficient way. Social media is huge in this modern world so use your website to promote your company & build a community with your Clients.

#4 It Cuts Costs

You can also use your website to sell goods & services directly to clients, in some cases removing the need to use “brick-and-mortar” stores which involve large operating costs (staff wages, rental, utilities to name just a few). Eliminating these overheads will also allow you to lower your prices, giving your business that real competitive edge. It can also be used internally within your business; do you have any news you want to share with colleagues or have any important information that can be accessed by management? Having an internal website can save you a lot of time as everything you need is one place and can be accessed at any time.

#5 Market Expansion

 As your site is accessible to anyone all over the world, the ability to break through geographical barriers has never been easier. Anyone from any country will be able to find your company and is now a potential customer.

#6 Advertising

 Tools like Google AdWords or advertising on Facebook give you the power to reach your Clients with much more accuracy and reliability than with traditional offline advertising methods. SEO and online advertising are a great way to help build up awareness & if done correctly traffic to your website can see an increase sales & profit. Be the first company that a potential new customer sees when searching for a specific product or service online, and use your website’s contact page or e-commerce features to make purchasing a product or finding a retail outlet easier than ever before.

#7 Competitors Online

 If you don’t have a website it is highly likely that your competitor do & this means that you are missing out on gaining new Clients. It is crucial that no opportunities are missed and are gained by the competition.

#8Consumer Insights

 Analytic tools allow you to identify who your typical customer is, how they found you, what they like & adapt your business to maximise purchases through your site. The diverse range of data available can also help you better understand how your social media channels affect your brand & can even highlight opportunities to change the offline aspects of your business such as branch opening times, promotions and product ranges.

#9 Customer Service Online

 Websites provide an easier way to handle customer service. Offering answers to regularly asked questions in a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. You can reduce customer service costs and save yourself time and money, as well as providing much more information. This also means that Clients can receive a reply instantly and saves time, which helps to encourage positive customer relations in the long run. This could benefit you as all positive feedback can be uploaded into a testimonial & your Clients are happy to tell the world.

#10 Growth Opportunity

 Websites in general are great ways to in providing a place that potential investors can be referred to. It shows what your company mission is, what it has achieved and what it can achieve in future.